Series Overview

Welcome to a video series on Artificial Intelligence, or as we call it, ‘AI for Newbies, learn the basics of AI.’

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AI FOR NEWBIES -Episode 1  | Introduction to AI

Welcome to our online video series on Artificial Intelligence. In this series, we will explore the world of AI and discover its capabilities, applications, and limitations.


AI FOR NEWBIES -Episode 2  | Machine Learning

In this episode we are diving into the world of machine learning and why it’s the secret ingredient to success in this aspect of AI.


AI FOR NEWBIES -Episode 3 – ChatGPT

In this episode we are excited to talk about the AI technology behind ChatGPT and some of advancements its creator Open Ai developing around this breakthrough platform.


AI FOR NEWBIES -Episode 4 | Language Generation & ChatGPT

In this video we take a closer look at the exciting world of language generation and how one AI company ChatGPT, is shaking things up.


AI FOR NEWBIES -Episode 5 | Real World Implications of AI

In this episode we look at the incredible impact AI is having on society and how people are being substituted for AI at a rapid pace.


AI FOR NEWBIES -Episode 6 | Advancements In AI

Today, we will explore how AI companies are releasing new products at lightning speed and dealing with a new sheriff in town called ChatGPT.


AI FOR NEWBIES -Episode 7 | Image Generators

Welcome back to AI for newbies. An introduction the world of Artificial Intelligence. In this video, we’re going to explore the incredible advancements being made with AI-powered image generation.