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Futurist Conference Toronto 2023 – Fintech World with host Tony Lawand

Fintech World with host Tony Lawand was loose at the 5th annual Blockchain Futurist Conference on August 15-16, 2023 in Toronto, Canada.

Unleashing Potential: Unraveling the Exponential Growth of AI and Its Deep Impact on Our Existence

The exponential surge in AI refers to AI’s prowess rising exponentially, shattering the norms of a linear progression. This rapid ascent can be credited to several key catalysts: Computational Might: The computational power of AI systems is skyrocketing, thanks to advanced processors and hardware accelerators like GPUs and TPUs. They enable AI models to process […]

Bybit Introduces Mastercard-Powered Debit Card

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has launched a Mastercard-powered debit card that allows users to pay for goods and services with their cryptocurrency holdings. The announcement comes shortly after the exchange halted U.S. dollar bank transfers due to “service outages” by one of its processing partners. Here is a step-by-step process of how the Bybit debit card […]

Cryptocurrency mining company, has mined the most Bitcoin in a single month ever

Riot Blockchain, an American cryptocurrency mining company, has mined the most Bitcoin in a single month ever, according to data from The company mined 4,817 Bitcoin, worth over $48 million, in February, which is more than double the amount mined in January. The data also showed that Riot Blockchain‘s share of the total Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops as Miners Feel the Texas Heat

The difficulty of mining a bitcoin block dropped by 5% on Thursday as miners turned off their machines to lower power demands on energy grids dealing with a U.S. heat wave, particularly in Texas. The bitcoin mining difficulty adjusts automatically every two weeks to keep the time needed to mine a new block roughly at […]

Crypto miners moved over $300 million of bitcoin in one day, and some are dropping out altogethe

New data from blockchain analytics firm CryptoQuant shows that miners are rapidly exiting their bitcoin positions. 14,000 bitcoin, worth more than $300 million at their current price, were transferred out of wallets belonging to miners in a single 24-hour period at the end of last week — and in the last few weeks, miners have […]