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Banking Giant JPMorgan Files Trademark for New Crypto Wallet With Ability to Exchange and Transfer Virtual Currencies

Financial services industry titan JPMorgan has filed a trademark for a new digital assets wallet. In a recent filing with the United States Trademark and Patents Office (USTPO), JPMorgan filed a trademark for a J.P. Morgan Wallet product. According to the required trademark statement of use document, the J.P. Morgan Wallet’s identified purpose is to […]

Another NFT venture disappeared hours after launch, this time with $815K

With each passing day, the crypto scams are becoming bolder, but the latest NFT rug pull is as brazen as it gets. SudoRare, a platform meant to facilitate NFT transactions, managed to run off with around $815,000 worth of user funds just six hours after launch. The platform was an iteration, or what is referred […]

Kucoin flagged by Ontario Securities Commission

The OSC is continuing to crack down on unregistered crypto exchanges, warning investors of Kucoin for the second time this August. The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) today issued an alert flagging 13 companies that “are not registered to deal or advise in securities in Ontario,” including the Seychelles-based MEK Global Limited and the Singapore-incorporated PhoenixFin […]

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops as Miners Feel the Texas Heat

The difficulty of mining a bitcoin block dropped by 5% on Thursday as miners turned off their machines to lower power demands on energy grids dealing with a U.S. heat wave, particularly in Texas. The bitcoin mining difficulty adjusts automatically every two weeks to keep the time needed to mine a new block roughly at […]

Crypto miners moved over $300 million of bitcoin in one day, and some are dropping out altogethe

New data from blockchain analytics firm CryptoQuant shows that miners are rapidly exiting their bitcoin positions. 14,000 bitcoin, worth more than $300 million at their current price, were transferred out of wallets belonging to miners in a single 24-hour period at the end of last week — and in the last few weeks, miners have […]