Exploring the Future of AI with Matt Wolfe’s “Cool AI Tech Stuff I Think You Should See”

In his recent YouTube video, “Cool AI Tech Stuff I Think You Should See,” Matt Wolfe takes us on an enlightening journey through the latest AI technologies and tools he has recently discovered.

Animate a Story and Animate Diff

The video starts with a discussion a research project called “Animate a Story” from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This innovative project allows users to create animations from a story using existing video and text. Matt also introduces us to “Animate Diff”, a research project that enables personalized text-to-image diffusion models without specific tuning. He speculates that the technology behind Pika Labs might be related to this research.

Pika Labs and Video Llama

Next, Matt discusses a tool from Pika Labs that allows users to create animations. He also introduces a platform called Video Llama where users can upload videos and ask questions about them.

Code Tracker

In video tracking, Matt talks about a research project called Code Tracker, which simultaneously tracks multiple points on a video for more accurate monitoring.

Shopify’s AI Innovations

The video also highlights Shopify, the video’s sponsor, and its new AI feature, Sidekick, which assists users in building their online stores. Shopify is also rolling out its AI search engine powered by the Shop app, where users can search for various Shopify stores.

Autodesk Research and Google’s Hyper Dream Booth

Matt also discusses a research paper called “Sketch a Shape Zero Shot Sketch to 3D Shape Generation” by Autodesk Research, which explores a method of generating 3D shapes from 2D sketches. He also talks about a tool called Hyper Dream Booth from Google, which trains your face into stable diffusion.

Stacks, Drag GAN and Swap Anything

Toward the end of the video, Matt discusses a “Drag GAN” tool that allows users to manipulate and animate images. He also mentions another tool called “Swap Anything” that he came across recently.


In customer service, Matt talks about a chatbot called Air designed to sound like a natural voice.


The video concludes with Matt expressing gratitude for receiving the Emerging Creator Award from Tube Buddy and thanking his audience for watching his channel. He encourages them to check out futuretools.io, a site where he curates AI tools and provides AI news. He also thanks Shopify for sponsoring their video.

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of AI and its applications in various fields. Matt’s ability to explain complex AI concepts in an accessible way makes this video a valuable resource for AI enthusiasts and professionals.

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