Financial crime remains at record highs as the pandemic continues to accelerate digitization and create new opportunities for fraudulent activities. As a result, AML institutions and other AML regulated entities worldwide. Scaling up staff to deal with evolving AML challenges is problematic. So how can organizations do more with less while complying with tightening regulations?

Enter next-gen AML. Once theoretical, and effectiveness of AML programs. The technologies work by automating the consumption and analysis of relevant data to allow for more rapid and earlier detection, as well as earlier and more impactful triage activity.

In this interview, Tom Field of Information Security Media Group spoke with three AML experts from SAS: David Stewart, Global Director of Banking Fraud, Financial Crimes & Security Intelligence; Keith Swanson, Regional Director of Fraud, Financial Crimes & Security Intelligence, Paul Franks, Director of Financial Services, Australia and New Zealand.

The AML experts discuss:
• The post-pandemic AML landscape
• Advances in next-gen AML like AI, ML and cloud
• Best practices in AML modernization

If you’ve heard about next-gen AML and are curious about how it works and where it can make the most significant difference in your organization.

Download PDF from SAS

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