Salim Ismail | Decoding Tech 2023 – Fintech World Interview with host Tony Lawand

Join Fintech World host Tony Lawand in an enlightening coffee conversation with Salim Ismail, the keynote speaker at Decoding 2023.

In this candid chat, Salim delves into the differences between his first and second books, the evolution of exponential organizations, and the impact of the pandemic on business models. He shares insights on how technology scales within organizations and the potential for governments to innovate and adapt. Salim also touches on the role of exponential organizations in navigating global crises and the significant changes he had to make to his second book in response to the pandemic and the rise of AI technologies. Don’t miss these valuable insights from one of the most influential thinkers in the industry.

Produced by – The INNERface Media for One World Media Inc Host – Tony Lawand Editor & Chief – Sean McKay

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