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Biggie Smalls perform ‘live’ in the metaverse

On Friday, Biggie Smalls was the sole man performing. He was the centre of attention in his red velvet suit as he sang the words to “Mo Money, Mo Problems” to pre-recorded cheers, swaying to the music in his orange sneakers. Confusion is a reasonable emotion to feel. Smalls, one of the best rappers of […]

A Step-by-Step Guide on How To Enter The Metaverse

You might live in this world, but soon enough, there will be others to populate (no, we’re not talking about Mars, sorry, Elon). Enter the metaverse, the hottest topic of 2021. Sometime this year, the term crept into our lives between the third and whatever pandemic wave we’re at, and it won’t let go. This […]

FinTech World – EP: Shurick Agapitov – CEO of X.LA

Fintech World explores the Meta-Verse with one of its pioneers and key contributors to the space Mr. Shurick Agapitov founder of the company X.LA. X.LA, is a foundation that leverages blockchain and Web3 technologies to make smart revenue-sharing contracts available to creators worldwide. Shurick reveals his earlier start and how he worked his way to […]