Venture Beat: Better than humans? AI barrels towards AGI

Artificial intelligence (AI) breakthroughs are coming ever faster. AI technology has many uses, from addressing climate change to exploring space, developing cancer therapies, and providing real-world robot navigation. As a result, the number of research papers focused on AI in recent years has increased and seems almost exponential. While we are still some ways away from widespread AI adoption across all spheres of human endeavour, it is safe to say the technology has now crossed the chasm between early adopters of new and little-known products and mass adoption by mainstream users.

The most buzzworthy AI breakthrough of the year is the new category of generative AI, which is based on large language models. Almost overnight, a proliferation of image generation tools appeared, including DALL-E from OpenAI, Imagen from Google, Stable Diffusion from and Mid journey. I wrote a few months ago about the disruptive impact of these tools on creative occupations, ranging from digital artists to programmers.

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